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“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes
thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”

-Albert Einstein

About Me

I am a seasoned brand strategist who honed his skills at world-renowned agencies like AmmiratiPuris, Ogilvy and Publicis, spanning three continents. During this time I had the privilege of shaping and transforming brands like IBM, Citigroup and Unilever. Beyond my agency experience, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to co-found a tech consulting firm. One of our hallmark achievements was the inception of a successful and innovative web and mobile streaming search app, CanIStream.It.

My journey doesn't stop there. I’ve had the honour of advising nascent startup founders, mentoring the next generation of Latin American entrepreneurs at TrepCamp, and further enriching my perspective through my consulting work with nonprofits.

But here's where I truly stand out: I have an innate ability to distill complexity into simplicity. I specialize in transforming intricate subjects into relatable narratives, enabling companies to craft a unique brand strategy and product messaging that truly resonates. The result? Engaging, impactful stories that set brands apart in a cluttered marketplace.

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Nikhil Vaish
Brand Strategist

Email: nikhil@vaishconsulting [dotcom]

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