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Image by Conny Schneider

Citibank: Digital Transformation Pitch

Agency: Publicis + Sapient

Role: Co-led pitch with Sapient's financial services lead.


Publicis was invited to participate in a meeting with Citi's CEO and his direct reports. Rather than review past work or present capabilities, we decided to use the meeting to re-position ourselves as a strategic partner who can drive business and shareholder value by offering solutions beyond marketing communications.

Our Solution:

  • Began with deep dive into Citi's investor day presentations to understand executive leadership's mindset, their concerns, long-term challenges and short-term business priorities.

  • Mapped key product and service areas of growth and layered on current customer experiences versus expectations, based on our proprietary research.

  • Next we built a roadmap to show how we could deploy AI and other technologies to unlock latent customer value by improving experiences to accelerate growth, drive revenue upside and create cost-savings.

  • Recommended a proof of concept test for one product with an aim to expand solutions to other business areas and products, based on learnings.


Got approval from Citi leadership to create an investment plan and timeline for piloting AI program to reduce marketing cost by 15% while increasing lifetime customer revenue.

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