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Citigroup: Fintech Purpose & Citigold App Launch

Agency: Publicis

Role: Strategy & Project Lead.


Citi wanted to launch a fintech division but like every other bank they lacked a clear mission and purpose, beyond a desire to develop 'cutting-edge' technology products for the bank of tomorrow.

Our Solution:

  • Created a startup-like, nimble team of cross-discipline experts from across Publicis Group companies.

  • Demonstrated that bank competitors were positioning their fintech offerings in identical ways; even using the same terminology to talk about their approach, philosophy and process.

  • Co-led input briefing workshop with fintech CEO and her team to identify internal barriers and external challenges, and to define "what success looks like".

  • Conducted stakeholder interviews with portfolio leaders and audited groups and projects across enterprise and consumer; identifying a number of overlapping initiatives.

  • Developed vision and mission for Citi Fintech with guiding principles and roadmap that outlined:

    • How other organisational initiatives needed to compliment or be rolled into fintech's mandate

    • Internal process, cultural and mindset changes that were needed for success

    • Best practices for launching their API portal, along with a comprehensive program to attract and engage external developers and corporate partners

    • Event and PR strategy to showcase Citi's approach to innovation, design and customer-centricity in tangible ways; along with key themes to differentiate our offering from that of other banks

    • Citigold app launch plan, and long-term in-app content and partnership strategy.


  1. Got buy-in from key stakeholders on vision/mission, including agreement to re-align technology-led initiatives across company.

  2. Citigold app launch increased install base from less than 20% to over 50%.

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