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iEARN: Redefine Brand Purpose

Agency: Vaish Consulting


iEARN a non-profit made up of over 30,000 schools in more than 140 countries, was having an identity crisis.
Over the years they had added several new programs and as a result were having trouble clearly and cohesively articulating their work and its impact.



Ensure iEARN stays relevant 
for a new generation of teachers, students 
and evolving education needs.



  • Develop a cohesive and differentiated brand story.

  • Change perception of organisation as 'antiquated in its approach' because they have been around a long time.

  • Find ways to diversify revenue streams to support professional development for teachers and virtual learning and physical exchange programs, for students.


Conducted discovery including in-depth interviews with founder, board members, country leads, grant maker and educators. Reviewed first and third party research reports, conducted desk research on cultural, competitive and education trends and facilitated a workshop with iEARN's executive leadership team.



  1. Revised brand purpose with updated vision and mission

  2. Created a new marketing framework that cohesively brought together disparate offerings

  3. Developed key messaging for each audience: teachers, students, administrators, parents, grantees, donors, etc.

  4. Conducted brief writing workshops with iEARN team and designed briefing templates

  5. Worked with creative agency to develop:

    • Fundraising pitch and talking points

    • Corporate deck

    • Marketing mailers

    • Outreach cards

    • Social media assets

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