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Underwater Creatures

Immerse: ultimate marine luxury experience.

Services: Business Plan | Research & Brand Architecture | Test & Learn Plan | Social Media Tactics*

Background and Challenge:

A Brazilian oceanographer and environmental consultant wanted to launch a marine expeditionary experience combining environmental science with hospitality and wellness. They had a six cabin yacht but wanted also to build a high-end hotel, spa, restaurants, an underwater observatory and marine research lab in the Bahia region of North Brazil. Our challenge, apart from infrastructure costs, was that the luxury tourism industry is highly competitive and relies on brand name recognition, which they did not yet have.

Our solution:

  • Started by scaling back ambitions to create more realistic and phased rollout plan; first launching the aspects that would immediately drive revenue - yacht expeditions.

  • Conducted detailed discovery and research into luxury tourism market in Brazil, with a focus on attracting travelers from America; surveying customers from test expeditions they had completed.

  • Developed overarching brand framework that tied together disparate aspects of Immerse's plan from marine science hub to luxury Eco-tourism into a cohesive narrative.

  • Devised a three-year test and learn strategy designed to build name recognition and brand awareness, before moving onto to other more ambitious aspects of their business plan.

The Result:

Immerse had planned to execute themselves but were extremely happy with our business and brand strategy, the test and learn idea and communications plan recommendations, which included social media and offline tactics.

*NOTE: my creative partner and client contact on this project was Frank Guzzone.

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