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Kodak: New Brand Framework

Role: Hand-picked as one of two external experts to join the CMO's task force consisting of global business heads and agency chief strategy officer.


Develop new strategic framework and business roadmap to transition Kodak's business from consumer to commercial printing.

Our Solution:

  • Co-led workshop to dive into company history and agree brand immutable, along with identifying facets that needed to be updated or re-invented.

  • Developed three future-facing brand framework's based on key business objectives, including a focus on emerging markets growth.

  • For each framework we identified investment and partnerships opportunities.

  • Developed a sub-brand and naming strategy.

  • Created a new positioning for the brand that encompassed both consumer and commercial divisions, and would serve as a rallying cry for employees.


Kodak executive management bought into new mission, revised brand architecture and business and investment strategy, along with approval to proceed with global positioning testing.

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