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Fashion Shop

Paire: designer jewelry e-commerce experience.

Services: Business Plan | Brand Workshop & Positioning | E-commerce Site | Digital Marketing

Background and Challenge:

Launch a runway jewelry startup in a competitive category, and find innovative ways to cut through the clutter without large budgets.

Our Solution:

  • Worked with Paire to refine their business goals and define their target market, allowing them to raise money from friends and family.

  • Conducted brand workshop to develop a differentiated positioning for the brand around "personal stories" as a way to engage customers.

  • Built eCommerce site on Magento; adding a number of custom features that included a module to manage credit cards, a product zoom and gift card feature, and custom inventory management.

  • Based on limitations of e-commerce platforms at the time, we used WordPress to build the editorial aspects, creating individual designer pages with history, inspiration and video stories.

  • Final challenge entailed integrating two very different tech platforms into one seamless site experience.

  • Post launch we identified key partnerships and developed offline tactics and digital marketing strategies to drive customer acquisition and sales.


The Result:

Paire was a rich and immersive shopping experience that was unique in the category with a brand story that was differentiated from its competitors.

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