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Beagle: Social Media & Email Campaign

Agency: Urban Pixels


Ambitions to use artificial intelligence to change "social networking" from passively observing the world to actively experiencing and participating in it, but lacked a clear focus and reason to exist.


  • Identified three potential target audiences and conducted surveys to understand gaps and market opportunity.

  • Conducted brand workshop to develop a strong, differentiated and clear value proposition.

  • Tested multiple concepts to guide product development with narrow feature-set, based on biggest pain points.

  • Developed vision, mission and brand architecture along with the elevator pitch.

  • Created launch materials, including website, emails, in-app copy and social media campaign.


  • Without an advertising budget we surpassed our most optimistic estimates for app downloads, within the first three months of launch.

  • The founders asked me to join their advisory board.

*Note: the designer and my creative partner on this project was Kanad Banerjee.

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