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Lenovo: Performance Marketing Pitch

Agency: Neo@Ogilvy


Struggling with a lack of national retail presence, shift to low margin IdeaPad's and low share of voice in the category, Lenovo issued an RFP to drive high volume online sales at the lowest cost per sale.

Our Solution:

  • Recognised that without brand awareness we would not be able to drive conversion at the rates they wanted and they did not have the budget for a traditional brand building effort.

  • Devised a two-pronged strategy for top and bottom funnel, using combination of unpaid and paid media:
    • Seed a viral idea to join the category conversation, and use social media to drive awareness and increase sales traffic.
    • Test multiple messages, optimising for maximum conversion, and use optimized messages for more effective re-targeting.
  • Needed inventive creative solution to address challenges at both ends of the marketing funnel. Ideally, linked to product feature; something instantly recognisable and unique to Lenovo - the red TrackPoint.

  • Came up with a viral video idea personifying the TrackPoint in an office setting and using lip-dub to bring the story to life in a humourous way (lip-dub videos were a rage among office workers at the time).


We won the assignment beating out other agencies who showed up with more expensive campaign ideas, that required far greater marketing investment at the both ends of the funnel.

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