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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

EdThemes: custom platform to solve challenges in higher education.

​Services: Business Development | Brand Strategy | Copywriting | Site Design | Platform Development

Background and Challenge:

The issues that exist in higher education are complex and multi-layered and there is no silver bullet to fix it. Success requires interventions, innovation and experimentation, and most importantly collaboration and sharing of knowledge across institutions.

Our Solution:

  • EdThemes was a custom-built platform, on WordPress, designed to to solve issues in the field of higher education through online conversation, collaboration and innovation

  • Our mission was driven by a belief that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. By turning it into a two-way street we knew we could connect new dots, grow our combined knowledge, making it more valuable, and thereby create greater impact in the world

  • We focused on solving problems in three areas (i) Strategic Planning (ii) Professional Development (pedagogy) (iii) Policy and Practice Innovation, using tools that we had built into our platform:

    • JAM: a non-linear exchange; a moderated discussion that is part creative brainstorming, part active dialogue and part focus group

    • Challenge: crowdsourcing innovation that can range from simple ideas and suggestions, to proofs of concept, designs, or finished products

    • Notebook: faculty, working independently by writing reflections in notebooks and then in collaboration with others in their discipline to share, discuss and improve their classroom experiences

  • The ultimate goal was to build the world’s first global, dynamic and FREE digital knowledge network for the field of education that can be accessed, shared and grown by all

The Result:

We had successful and multiple engagements the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, LaGuardia Community College, New Haven Literacy Curriculum and Orbis International.

NOTE: based on our project to re-imagine KPI's business, we decided to launch a joint venture.

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