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IBM-Siebel: Enterprise CRM Solutions

Agency: Ogilvy

Business Context:

Among 60 global companies surveyed, by Forrester, on ‘customer relationship strategy’, 63% of the companies did not know if they shared a customer with another division. 57% of the companies did not offer a better service to their more profitable customers.



Growing realization that CRM solutions need to be evaluated and integrated in the context of an overall business strategy across the enterprise, and should not be seen as a modular component that can be tacked on to marketing, sales or customer service functions.

Creative Idea:

The customer no longer revolves around the company; the company revolves around the customer.
NOTE: due to complexity and low awareness of CRM solutions, and because we had to reach multiple audiences across the private and public sectors, we executed the campaign in three parts.


Actual sales and other performance numbers are confidential but the campaign outperformed expectations:

  • Double digit increase in awareness in pre and post test measurements

  • Over ten thousand qualified leads generated between web, direct mail and events; exceeding projections

  • Over 800 opportunities with average customer revenue in $XXX,000 thousand

  • Close to15% close rate with potential revenue of over $XXX MM+

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