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Kodak: 360 Global Activation Campaign

Agency: Ogilvy


  1. Drive Digital relevance by replacing a powerful traditional photography imprint with knowledge of Kodak’s digital expertise and breadth of products

  2. Rekindle the association between Kodak & the emotional power of pictures

  3. Establish stronger Kodak preference prior to purchase behavior

  4. Lift brand identity factors: Innovation, Dynamism (momentum), and Style


Creative industries from gaming to cuisine are flourishing & popular brands like, Apple’s i-tunes, MySpace & YouTube are encouraging consumers to express their creativity.

Creative Idea:

Kodak is the creative partner helping to unleash the power of your pictures.


Actual sales and other performance numbers are confidential but the campaign outperformed expectations across all soft measures and hard metrics:

  • Triple digit increase in traffic on and (e-commerce site)

  • 3x industry average CTRs and campaign microsite crashed due to traffic

  • Lift in Brand Awareness and associations with "Innovation" and "Style" with younger audiences

  • XX% increase in $ average customer order value

  • XX% increase sales of of digital cameras, printers and high- margin photo-related products

Manifesto - EK.png
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