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MyLand: Scalable Regenerative Agriculture

Agency: Something Different


MyLand is a startup tackling two of the world’s biggest challenges: food security and climate disruption.
They wanted an agency partner who could position them as innovators, by building a national brand, generating demand for their soil-as-a-service model and connecting the benefits of healthy soil, through the value chain, from farmers to consumers making food purchasing decisions.


We began by outlining three key challenges that MyLand would need to tackle to achieve their goals:

  1. Define the Category: currently no clear or widely agreed definition of what “regenerative agriculture” means. As a result the term is used in different ways by different stakeholders, causing confusion.

  2. Address Barriers: there is a perception among farmers, that regenerative farming is expensive and complicated to implement, and can 5-10 years for them them to see the financial benefits.

  3. Disparate Audiences: need to find common ground and shared language between rural, conservative farm owners that skew male and liberal, urban and female consumers, in addition to commercial buyers; who sit in the middle.

Our Solution:

  • Shared four strategic "ways-in" to explain how to launch and build their brand, based on the need to overcome complex and multi-layered category and audience challenges.

  • Developed a holistic media approach with a season-long-plan to communicate the short and long-term benefits of MyLand to each audience stakeholder.

  • Shared examples of creative ideas that brought a couple of the strategic "ways-in" to life.

The Result:

They awarded us the business.


NOTE: Launch had been planned for early 2023 but has been pushed back due to a number of factors outside our control.

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