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Helping Hands

Bhumi: Social & Viral Campaign

Agency: Vaish Consulting


India's largest youth volunteer organisation needed to drive sign-up and participation during the annual
'Joy of Giving' (Daan Utsav) week held each year in October.



How do you get young people to put down their smartphone, get off the couch, get out of the house and
get excited about participating in activities to help people across their city?


Using an insight, backed by science, that people feel a greater sense of satisfaction and joy after helping someone, we equated the act of volunteering with doing a 'selfish act.'  To activate the idea we turned it into a social badge with bragging rights, creating the hashtag #DoSelfish.

Next we conceived and launched a social media and guerilla campaign using posters, flyers and posts on Facebook and Twitter, along with Google Adwords to help us spread the word.


Our campaign resulted in the largest  sign-ups that Bhumi had ever received. This led them to ask us to develop a new campaign to drive registration for ‘Festivol’ (their own volunteering event) the following year.

Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
Social post - Happiness
Social post - Everest
Social post - Gandhi
Social post - Light
Social post - Bhutan man
Social post - Horizons
Social post - Selfish Joy
Social post - Taj Mahal
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